Vanda Jacintho is a luxury evening resort wear and statement jewellery brand, produced in Brazil and Italy, made to travel the world.

Instantly recognisable the world over for its iconic artsy prints and use of fine materials, namely silk, resin and wood, the brand brings together the designer and founder’s unique Brazilian upbringing and unparalleled flair for fashion and exquisite taste in the arts.

Embodying sophistication and versatility, and playing off the idea of ‘travelling light’, one size fits all silk panneaux can be worn four ways: a sarong, trousers, a jumpsuit and a dress. Museum worthy sculptural jewellery with architectural dimensions and tactile appeal give an avant-garde touch to the Jacintho woman’s wardrobe.

Born and raised in Brazil, Vanda’s collections are famed for their evocative imagery, influenced by a childhood spent growing up in the lush tropical surroundings of her family’s farm in the Pantanal wetlands region. Expressing herself through a passion for prints, jaguars and birds of paradise, corals and exotic wild flowers create vibrant wearable art. Inspiration is also drawn from the savoir-faire of the Mediterrnean lifestyle and the arts, Dadaism and Bauhaus and artists such as Sophie Taubert and Escher.