Here at Vanda Jacintho we are committed to honouring the environment. We believe style and sustainability should co-exist in each collection.



Our silk is Abvtex certified, demonstrating it is produced using the most sustainable and ethical methods, caring for the environment and human rights. All of our silk dyes are Oeko Tex certified, meaning they are biodegradable and water soluble, showing our continued commitment to ethical production methods at Vanda Jacintho.

Biodegradable / Sustainable / Ethical Production



We use only the highest quality resin available on the market to make sure our products will withstand use and serve our customers for years to come. We believe great pieces are those which can be passed down generations. We take care to practice sustainable manufacturing and processes. This means we use only the exact amount of resin needed for the product, reducing the excess materials that will be used. Nothing in the manufacturing process is wasted – we turn any leftover resin into powder that is then recycled and reused.

Recycled / Sustainable / Ethical Production 


Metal Oxidation

Exciting and long color process of metal oxidation. The material is dipped in a solution with vinegar and other natural materials for 10 days. It is safe and environmentally friendly as it does not release toxic fumes. We are always striving to innovate, and in recent collections we have developed a completely natural process of metal oxidation. Many brands use a chemical process
that releases toxic fumes, but that is not who we are here at Vanda. Instead, we use a process that takes much longer, the metals are dipped in vinegar and natural materials for ten days and given time to oxidize slowly and naturally. In the end, we are able to bring stunning unique and consciously made metal jewelry to our customers.

 Natural Material / Sustainable / Ethical Production